IT Manager, Software developer

Tangerang Selatan, ID


+62878-8601-xxxx (email only)

November 1984

Institut Teknologi Indonesia (2002 – Bachelor Degree)



Work Experience

IT Manager
Mar 2019 – Current
  1. To analyze, plan, priorities, design, organize, control, integrate and manage the start-to-end development of all software and computer platforms, systems and applications to ensure the smooth deployment
  2. Responsible e-commerce solution by Prestashop
  3. Responsible e-commerce solution by Shopify
  4. Troubleshoot the issue, investigate the root cause of the issues
  5. Managing Webservices
  6. Managing IT Team: Backend, Frontend, QA
  7. KPI Monitoring
  8. Do a Scrum with Jira
  9. Manage payment system: Stripe, Klarna, Paypal
  10. Manage Shipping Method (API with 3th party expedition)
  11. Manage Diet Application
  12. Manage ActiveCampaign for Marketing team purpose
  13. Manage dashboard data statistics
  14. Consent Management
  15. Managing Dashboard for Business Intelligence
  16. Google analytics

Lead IT Consultant
Intramega Global. PT
Sep 2018 – Apr 2019
  1. Manage Teams
  2. Develop internal HRIS System
  3. Managing webservices RestFul
  4. As IT Consultant, give a best sollution for our Customer.

Application Development Manager
RPX – One Stop Logistics
Jun 2007 – Sep 2018
  1. Responsible for overseeing and coordinating the people, resources and processes required to deliver new software or upgrade existing products.
  2. Develop, manage and prepare best software development team.
  3. Guide, coach and mentor software development engineers.
  4. Provide project management and technical leadership for every aspect of software.
  5. Manage and execute software development projects from beginning to finish
  6. Evaluate projects, develop and update schedules plus supervise project status.
  7. Manage team database: Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB
  8. Coordinate all programmers and system analyst using SCRUM and Project Manager.
  9. Report to super-ordinate timeline and Gantt Chart.
  10. Manpower (training, workshop,etc.. as long as its purpose to upgrading skills)


Web Programmer
Indocom Mediatama
Jun 2006 – Mei 2007
  1. Maintain portal berpolitik.com (using Perl and Javascript)
  2. Maintain SMS Gateway (Using Perl and Javascript)


Asisten Lab
Institut Teknologi Indonesia
Jan 2004 – Mei 2006
  1. Teacher C Programming
  2. Teacher C++ Programming
  3. Teacher PHP Programming
  4. Teacher Visual Basic Programming
  5. Maintain all laboratory computers and network


My Journey

2006 was the beginning of my career, at Indocom Mediatama, as programmer I manage a portal news berpolitik.com and SMS Gateway using Perl. I spend 1 year in Indocom Mediatama, after that I move to RPX.

At RPX I start as a programmer, I develop a lot of internal company applications.

  1. Developing a system for billing and finance using Delphi 5,
  2. Developing a system for Sales Activity and Plan,
  3. Developing an inventory system for the warehouse,
  4. Developing Inbound System (FedEx integration and Customs)
  5. Developing a WSDL system with SoapUI,
  6. Developing a company profile using WordPress,
  7. Developing portal for customers using CodeIgniter.
  8. Developing an e-invoice that runs periodically using native php.
  9. Collaboration with BNI Bank for Virtual Account, connecting throught API RestFul and Webhook.
  10. etc..

In the middle of my career at RPX, I worked as a System Analyst. Conduct meetings with users to grab the information around the projects, design RDBMS database relations, create flowcharts, flow processes so that the development team understands user needs.

Lastly at RPX I served as IT manager, supervising 10 people. 8 full stack programmers, 1 database administrator, 1 QA.

  1. Do a weekly meeting
  2. Use Project Management Profesional to make sure work balancing for all developer
  3. Filled annual KPI that have been set by HR
  4. Manage database, mirroring, replication, and make sure the query fast < 2 sec.
  5. Conduct training to my team (onsite, offsite).
  6. Develop applications and deploy it, make sure on release no bugs
  7. Responsible all application 100% running

From RPX I moved to Intramega Global, as IT Lead Consultant. Give a best IT solution for Warehouse Inventory and Supply Chain.

Making integrity from our Software Warehouse Solution (Manhattan) to customers system.

I’ve worked onsite to the customer, such in Jakarta, Bandung, Lampung.

Now I work at eurodiet (Protein System SA) as IT e-commerce Manager to take care of all IT e-commerce solutions. I have 4 teams, two backend, one front end and the other QA

Our main platforms are Prestashop, Laravel Lumen for webservices, and Shopify. Mobile apps using React Native.

Manage a costum module (Diet Program) in prestashop using Smarty

Create custom modules and webhooks related to company needs

Manage Shopify apps using graphQL for storefront

Lead project mobile app, with our frontend team using react native

Manage company e-shop selling in Europe, such: Germany, Norway, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, UK, etc.

Manage a sync data with SAGE ERP and LRI (Warehouse fulfilment)

Manage the shipping method (DHL, UPS, BPOST, POSTEN)

Manage the payment gateway (Stripe, Paypal, Klarna, COD, Bankwire)

I am also an ecommerce administration, maintain products, prices and quantity are all included in my responsibility.

In eurodiet I manage team using JIRA Atlassian. Do weekly Scrum and sometime technical Scrum

Other projects:

  • e-commerce cantikclothing.com in 2015 using native php mysql and Smarty on the frontend.
  • Create portal ansd e-learning for investalearning.com – 2014
  • Creating an e-commerce frenchieku.com using Prestashop 1.7 – 2018
  • Created e-commerce for the marketplace, masarin.id using Woocommerce – 2019
  • doorprice system – 2021
  • lsppwk.id – 2021

I’m also keep improving new skill, learning Golang, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, noSQL, MongoDB, Elastic Search, etc..

I’ve do elearning from Udemy like R Programming, Google DataStudio etc..

My next goal is that I will continue to improve my skills and experience, manage my team better, and be meaningful to the company.